Four TSL scientists named in 2015 list of highly cited scientists worldwide

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Four TSL scientists, Cyril Zipfel, Sophien Kamoun, Jonathan Jones and Joe Win, have been named in a list of the most highly cited scientists across the world.

The study by Thomson Reuters measures the exceptional impact the scientists are making globally. The study uses various criteria to determine the most high impact researchers among those who have a research paper in the top 1% most cited for each category, produced during 2003-2013.

The list was compiled in September 2015 and finalised in December 2015. All four scientists were also present on the 2014 list.

zipfelprofile copyProfessor Cyril Zipfel, Head of The Sainsbury Laboratory, whose research focuses on plant innate immunity, particularly the signalling events surrounding plant perception of pathogen-associated molecular patterns.

kamounnew copy

Professor Sophien Kamoun studies how pathogens invade plants, with particular interest in the effectors of filamentous plant pathogens such as oomycetes, e.g. Phytophthora infestans.

_DSC830 3J.Jones copy

Professor Jonathan Jones’s research focusses on plant immunity and how pathogens overcome this immunity, with the aim of developing technologies to improve crops.

_DSC9880J copy

Dr Joe Win, a post-doc in Sophien Kamoun’s lab, is unravelling the functions of so-called effectors from plant pathogens such as e.g. Phytophthora infestans.