Come see us at the Royal Norfolk Show 2023!

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The Sainsbury Laboratory will have two stands at the Royal Norfolk Show this year. Come and see our blight-resistant PiperPlus potato in the Innovation Hub or meet TSL technicians and learn about plants in the STEMM Village.

Save the spud from more sprays – Jonathan Jones Group @ Innovation Hub

Making your favourite potato less reliant on fungicides

Withdrawal of chemical fungicides has put pressure on the potato industry as late blight disease continues to threaten crops. Some wild varieties of potato are resistant to blight but don’t have the same eating qualities as the popular Maris Piper. Now work by the Jonathan Jones’ group at The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, has provided Maris Piper with blight resistance genes from wild relatives to create PiperPlus. This game changing variety is resistant to late blight, greatly reducing the need for chemicals, plus it has traits that will make it easier to store without losing product quality.

Exciting developments in this field continue, potentially enabling the growth of seed potatoes in warmer climates and allowing England to produce its own seed potatoes. Disease resistance traits will also be conferred to other valued potato varieties in the UK, specifically, Charlotte, the home grower’s favourite, and Hermes which is important for making crisps.

Lab Technicians and T Levels - TSL Support @ STEMM Village

Calling all aspiring scientists and plant enthusiasts! Meet our laboratory technicians and support staff to learn more about their exciting work advancing plant immunity research and fighting plant pathogens. Visit our stand and get a taste of what a career in laboratory support is like by helping us to cross plants and you can even plant your own to take home! Learn more about science T Levels at Norwich City College and opportunities to get work experience in state-of-the-art research labs.