Miss Liz Hughes

Laboratory Technician
Laboratory Support

I provide technical support to the Sainsbury Laboratory. My primary role is in the management of the media services with the provision of liquid media requests, stock solutions, sterile glassware and general stocking of consumables. Alongside this I assist the tissue culture department in various transformation programmes and manage several optimisation projects.


Bailey K, Cevik V, Holton N, Byrne-Richardson J, Sohn KH, Coates M, Woods-Tor A, Aksoy HM, Hughes L, Baxter L, Jones JD, Beynon J, Holub EB and Tor M (2011)

Molecular cloning of ATR5(Emoy2) from Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis, an avirulence determinant that triggers RPP5-mediated defense in Arabidopsis. Mol Plant Microbe Interact 24, 827-838.