Student welfare

Welfare activities organized by TSV.

In addition to many social activities, we try to also organise some welfare activities as a student community. These have included previous bullet journaling workshops, personal development workshops such as empathy and assertiveness training, career development and virtual Yoga classes. We also participate in the annual Welfare week organised by the John Innes Institute (JIC).

Support resources

TSL has a TSL Buddy system to create a supportive workplace culture to ensure that all staff and students have someone to talk to. A wellbeing buddy is a go-to person for those who may sometimes feel that they need someone to talk to. TSL students also meet regularly with Nick Talbot (TSL Executive Director) and Steph Bornemann (TSL Postgraduate Director) to discuss any issues we may have as a student community. We have a TSL Graduate School Office rep who meets monthly with the office and other student reps across the four institutes to feedback any student related issues. As students of UEA, we have access to career, welfare and mental health support from UEA.

Career support

As students we have access to several resources for career support and personal development at TSL, NBI and UEA. The NBI Postgraduate Researcher Personal and Professional Development (PPD) Programme provides regular training sessions to develop both scientific knowledge and transferable skills to support your career aspirations in academia, industry, or outside research. Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) studentships also provide the opportunity for a three-month placement to gain work experience outside the laboratory. TSL encourages us to discuss career development with our PhD supervisors, and we have the opportunity to choose a PI or senior post-doc as a mentor for personal development.

Support for newcomers

We have a student buddy-up system in which all new starters are put in contact with another PhD student, who will serve as guide and point of contact to answer any questions regarding moving to Norwich, starting as a new student, student life, etc.

As a UEA student, you are entitled to benefit from all the available support services the university has to offer. Here are some useful links:

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