Science and outreach

Science-focused activities

As students, we regularly invite speakers over to TSL to give talks. As part of their visits, we usually organize a student colloquium where we all discuss the speaker’s work with them and ask them any questions we may have. We are also given the opportunity to talk about our work with them in one-on-one meetings, which is super useful as the speakers tend to be established group leaders and tend to have amazing feedback! At the end of their visits, we usually go for a nice dinner in town with the speaker and a group of students, which is also a fantastic opportunity for networking.

Outreach activities

We are especially committed to outreach activities in our local community to inspire the next generation of scientists and speak with the public about our work at TSL. A key annual event in our outreach calendar is The Norwich Science Festival. This event helps young people of all ages engage with the region’s scientific research through a week of fun and interactive sessions. TSL students run a stall with activities that teach the public about the importance of plant health and how plants defend themselves against disease-causing microbes.

Another important event is the Women of the Future conference held at the Norwich Research Park. This event gives regional students who identify as female/non-binary the opportunity to meet with TSL’s women scientists to discuss a career in research and plant sciences.

In recent years, we also participated in the Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) Illustration Collaboration. Students in their second year of studying Illustration visit the Norwich Research Park to learn more about our science and co-create a collection of visual outputs showcased in a public exhibition. These are just some of the many great opportunities for you as a researcher to engage with the public about your work at TSL.