Head of TSL Synthetic Biology to help lead the field

  • Published:

The Sainsbury Laboratory’s Head of Synthetic Biology, Dr Nicola Patron, has been awarded a SynBio LEAP Fellowship. The 2015 LEAP fellowships have been awarded to outstanding next generation leaders, for their visions and aspirations in shaping biotechnology for the public good.

Dr Nicola Patron

Nicola is one of 23 LEAP fellows, and will contribute to the development of a set of Strategic Action Plans which will explore the impact of synthetic biology, and identify new ways to advance its positive outcomes. The fellowship program will commence in Washington, DC in February with a set of meetings exploring the social, economic, technical and political state of the field.

“It is an honour to have been awarded this fellowship,” said Nicola, “This is a great opportunity to join a community of emerging leaders from across the world and to contribute to the future of synthetic biology.”

LEAP’s Executive Director, Dr. Megan Palmer, remarked that "The LEAP Fellows are an inspiring group of individuals committed to exploring not simply what we can do with biotechnology, but what we should do, and their roles in guiding the field's potentially far-reaching impacts".

To find out more about LEAP, and see a full list of the 2015 fellows, head to http://synbioleap.org/