David Sainsbury International MSc Scholarship

David Sainsbury International MSc Scholarship in Global Plant Health – Terms and Conditions 2021-22


We encourage you to secure your own scholarships. If you are unable to cover the full cost of your studies and you come from a low to middle-income country as defined below, TSL offers the prestigious David Sainsbury International MSc Scholarship in Global Plant Health to a limited number of applicants on a competitive basis. Scholarships will be awarded based on the application form submitted to UEA to enrol on the MSc in Global Plant Health before the deadline on the UEA website or 31 July, whichever is the earliest, unless stated otherwise on the UEA website. No separate application is necessary. Note that students enrolled on the MSc in Global Plant Health are not eligible for UEA Scholarships.


What is a scholarship?

A scholarship is an award or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic and other achievements. The David Sainsbury Scholarship is a direct contribution by TSL to the fee paid to UEA and a cash contribution in the form of a maintenance grant and travel expenses.

Therefore, this Scholarship can fund up to the full cost of the course and living expenses.


General Terms and Conditions

Please also refer to the General Regulations for Students from UEA (the University).

If successful, you will be registered and enrolled with UEA as a full-time postgraduate student for the MSc in Global Plant Health under UEA’s Degree Regulations set out in the University Calendar. You must abide by UEA’s Charter, Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations and Policies in force.

We may make changes to these Terms from time to time and the version that is applicable to you will be the one in force on the date of your application.

We have complete discretion to decide how long we will make the Scholarship scheme available, for what period of time the Scholarship scheme will operate, and may withdraw the Scholarship scheme at any time and without further notice.

Contributions to the tuition fee will be made directly by TSL to UEA. No alternative/equivalent monetary payment will be made in respect of the fee.

The maximum period that an annual Scholarship will be applied to your account for a specific postgraduate programme is one year (12 months) for full-time students.

UEA Scholarships are not available to students enrolled on the MSc in Global Plant Health.

If you wish to decline a David Sainsbury Scholarship offer from us prior to registering at UEA please email msc@tsl.ac.uk. We will then withdraw our scholarship offer and confirm this in writing. Any offer of a place on one of the University’s courses would not be affected.

Please note that scholarship awards cannot be deferred to a subsequent year. If you do defer your entry to the course, then any scholarship award will be removed. You can apply for the same or other scholarships the following year, but any award cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that until a Scholarship is awarded in accordance with these Terms, you remain liable to pay your full tuition and other fees to UEA in accordance with UEA’s General Regulations on Fees, Charges and Expenses and must be able to meet all of your costs without relying on the Scholarship.


Withdrawal of Scholarship


We may remove the scholarship immediately if:

  • You are expelled, suspended or excluded from the whole or part of the University or your programme of study for academic failure; or
  • We are of the reasonable opinion that you have made any misrepresentation (whether negligently or intentionally) to us either in respect of applying for the Scholarship or during the course of and in connection with your studies at the University; or
  • We are of the reasonable opinion that you have acted fraudulently or dishonestly in connection with securing your Scholarship or place at the University.
  • You do not abide by the TSL Scientific Integrity Policy and the TSL Code of Personal Conduct.
  • In addition to requiring repayment, we may also take such action against you as is permitted under our Student Disciplinary Procedures or Fitness to Study Policy which are set out and available from the University Calendar. In the event of a period of interruption to your studies, including maternity or paternity leave, any payments will be suspended until you return and progress to the next stage of your course.


We may withdraw the scholarship and halt further payments immediately if you fail to:

  • Attend the required formal academic induction and welcome events at the start of the course or fail to provide TSL with communications when requested
  • Demonstrate satisfactory commitment to, or progression within, your studies. Scholars are expected to maintain strong engagement with your course, perform at a strong academic standard, and pass each and every module.
  • Remain in good financial standing with the University. Scholarship instalments may not be paid if you have overdue tuition or accommodation charges for which you are liable.
  • Inform TSL that you are receiving another scholarship or other form of funding.


Repaying the Scholarship

In the event that your Scholarship is removed, you will be liable to pay us your full tuition fees and maintenance grants and therefore reimburse us the monetary amount equating to your Scholarship, immediately on demand.

If we have made an error in calculating your Scholarship and as a result you have received an additional amount to which you were not entitled, we may request that you repay us the amount overpaid and you will be liable to repay it to us within 30 days of our demand.

In addition to any other rights, we may have at law to take action against you for recovery or repayment, the amount so outstanding will be treated by us as a sum due to us.


Variation of The Scholarship

We will unilaterally vary the amount of the Scholarship, so that the Scholarship you actually receive never equates to more than the stated amount for that academic year if we receive information suggesting that your anticipated tuition fee (on which the Scholarship was initially calculated) for that academic year is expected to change or has changed, for reasons including but not limited to:

a. where you receive a refund in accordance with the University’s then existing Postgraduate Tuition Fees Refund Policy,

b. where you cease to be registered with the University for any reason, including if you have withdrawn from your studies or your studies have been terminated earlier than the expected completion date;

c. where you change your programme of study;

d. where you take a period of intercalation from your programme of study;

e. you cease to meet the Eligibility Criteria and from that date; or

f. you fail to progress satisfactorily on your programme of study and from a date we reasonably determine.


In any of these situations and depending on your facts, you may be liable to make additional payments to the University or the actual monetary value of the Scholarship you receive from us may increase.


Agreement to Participate in UEA and TSL Marketing and Promotion

You will be required to make yourself available, on reasonable notice, for any publicity and marketing campaigns we want to run in connection with the Scholarship scheme. This may include, but not be limited to, public appearances, speeches, blogging and/tweeting, interviews or photographs and providing student testimonials which can be used in publicity material.

You must also be prepared to complete a testimonial at the end of the course outlining how your studies at TSL/UEA have helped towards your career goals. We will also request that an update is provided one year after graduation. Students may also be asked to assist at TSL/UEA Open Days where their academic programme allows, or to make themselves contactable by a small number of prospective students from their home country, to answer simple questions about TSL/UEA and/or their course of study.


How We May Use Your Personal Information

We will use the personal information you provide to us to process your enrolment and administer the Scholarship scheme. We will retain all documents we receive in connection with the Scholarship scheme along with your other student records in accordance with the University Data Protection Policy and the TSL Privacy Policy.

Once you are enrolled at UEA, TSL will contact you using your TSL email account. It is your responsibility to check this account regularly for important information regarding payment of your David Sainsbury Scholarship, and any other requests relating to the Scholarships scheme.


The David Sainsbury Scholarship


Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible for a David Sainsbury Scholarship under these Terms if you meet all these criteria:

  • You are in receipt of an offer of a place on the UEA MSc in Global Plant Health;
  • You are a national of or domiciled in a least-developed, low-income, or lower-middle-income country or territory as defined by the Overseas Development Agency Development Assistance Committee (DAC) list, version 2021 for entry in 2021/22 academic year.


The Value of The Scholarship

Each bursary will cover up to the full cost of the tuition fee (£29,000 for 2021/22), maintenance grant (£15,609 at the UKRI postgraduate researcher stipend level for 2021/22) and an additional £4,000 for travel costs (subject to valid economy class travel receipts), minus any other awards or scholarships you are in possession of. Payment of the fee will be made by TSL directly to UEA and no alternative/equivalent monetary payment will be made for this element of the scholarship.


Eligible Programmes

The David Sainsbury Scholarship may be offered by us in respect solely of the UEA MSc in Global Plant Health hosted at The Sainsbury Laboratory.


The element of Scholarships that cover fees will be paid by TSL directly to UEA in accordance with UEA’s General Regulations for Students. Payments are typically in three instalments at regular intervals throughout the academic year.

The element of a Scholarship that covers a maintenance grant will be paid by TSL monthly in advance to the Scholarship awardee.

The element of a Scholarship that covers economy class travel expenses will be paid to the Scholarship awardee only when evidenced by valid receipts.


The Process

Provided we are satisfied that you meet our Eligibility Criteria we will automatically consider your candidature for the Scholarship on a competitive basis.

No separate application is necessary to be considered for a David Sainsbury Scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded based on the application form submitted to UEA to enrol on the MSc in Global Plant Health before the deadline on the UEA website. If you do not provide us with the required information for application when prompted, or if you provide us with incomplete or incorrect information, we will not be able to process your Scholarship application further.

Eligible applicants who are in possession of an offer of a place on the course will be evaluated for the Scholarship based on the same criteria used to evaluate their applications to enrol on the course at UEA/TSL.

The criteria are: academic achievement and academic awards together with knowledge/experience/potential of plant pathology, plant biology, microbiology, data science, leadership/management/entrepreneurship, relevant lab skills, independent study, and teamwork.

A Scholarship Panel will decide who to offer Scholarships to based on these criteria. The Scholarship Panel will normally convene in July. Provided we are satisfied that you meet our Eligibility Criteria, and you are chosen by the Scholarship Panel as the preferred recipient, you will receive your scholarship offer via email in a timely manner.

The number of Scholarships will be limited by affordability. It is anticipated that up to seven or more Scholarships could be awarded in 2021/22. However, we may withdraw the availability of Scholarships at any time up until a formal scholarship offer is made to a recipient.

If no candidate is judged to be of sufficient merit by the Scholarship Selection Panel, Scholarships will not be awarded. No person will be awarded this Scholarship more than once.

Receipt of a David Sainsbury Scholarship is subject to a completed Scholarship Agreement Form being signed and submitted by the given deadline as formal acceptance of the award. TSL reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a Scholarship if it is not accepted by the given deadline.

It is your responsibility to inform the UEA Development Office of your acceptance of the David Sainsbury Scholarship.

If you wish to decline a scholarship offer from us prior to registering at the University, please email msc@tsl.ac.uk. We will then withdraw our scholarship offer and confirm this in writing. Any offer of a place on one of UEA’s courses would not be affected.

We reserve the right to adjust Scholarship eligibility criteria up until the application deadline, provided the change(s) do not make applications already submitted ineligible or disadvantage them in any way.



The approximate value of the Scholarship is advertised on the TSL website and is indicated above. The final amount awarded is confirmed in writing at point of scholarship offer.

Receipt of your Scholarship is subject to your completion of the University registration process by the given deadline. The manner in which the award is paid will be confirmed in your Scholarship Agreement.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any change in bank account details is advised to TSL and the University. If you plan to change your course, intercalate or withdraw from your course, you are expected to inform TSL, the University and the UEA Development Office as soon as possible as this could affect your eligibility for the scholarship.