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Our funding and unique position provides an unrivalled environment in which to undertake research. We have excellent facilities, particularly in the platform technologies that underpin modern scientific research. As a result, TSL has an outstanding record of publications in high profile journals. We therefore attract high calibre students, post-docs and senior researchers.

Below is a full list of our current vacancies.

The Sainsbury Laboratory is always looking to recruit world–class researchers at all stages of their careers. If you are interested in working within one of our research groups we encourage you to contact the relevant group leader directly to discuss possibilities.

Looking for student opportunities? Head to our Postgraduate Research page to see all current studentships at TSL.

Postgraduate Research Vacancies

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4-year multi-disciplinary PhD opportunity in genetics, genomics, cell biology, microbiology, molecular biology, crop science, biological chemistry, applied mathematics, computational and systems biology.

Our long-running flagship Rotation PhD programme is aimed at supporting the most promising independent students to undertake in-depth postgraduate training. The programme involves three internationally respected research institutions in Norwich, UK: the John Innes Centre, The Sainsbury …

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Plant disease resistance (R) proteins enable plants to detect specific pathogen effector molecules, and then activate defence, yet mechanisms of defence activation upon R protein activation (Effector-Triggered Immunity, or ETI) are poorly understood. Arabidopsis RPS4 and RRS1 resistance genes act together to detect two different bacterial effector proteins, AvrRps4 from Pseudomonas sp., and PopP2, an acetyltransferase, from Ralstonia sp. RPS4 is a typical TIR-NB-LRR R protein, but the RRS1 TIR-N …

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We welcome applications from students who have or hope to gain scholarships or wish to self-fund their studies.

The first step is to identify a research area of your interest at http://www.tsl.ac.uk/scientific-and-support-groups/#scientific-groups

The second step is to complete an application form at http://www.tsl.ac.uk/post-graduate-research/apply/ and propose the area of research you are interested in.

We will approach supervisors in your research area to see if …

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