Parents & carers

We pride ourselves on being a 'family-friendly' employer and our staff & students enjoy a number of benefits that help make life as a family much easier for working parents.

Play area at Chestnut Nursery NRP
Chestnut Nursery NRP

Family-Friendly & Equality Policy

Our Family Friendly & Equality Policy recognises that working while parenting can present particular challenges and we have a number of benefits in place to help working parents excel in their careers while raising a family. In addition to maternity, paternity and shared parental leave we also provide financial support for parents who may need to take children with them when attending scientific conferences and meetings.


There are a number of nurseries located close to the research park. One of these, Chestnut Nursery, is located on the Norwich Research Park and a proportion of places within this Nursery are reserved for use by the Norwich Bioscience Institutes, including The Sainsbury Laboratory.

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