Presence/absence, differential expression and sequence polymorphisms between PiAVR2 and PiAVR2-like in Phytophthora infestans determine virulence on R2 plants

  • Published:
  • Authors: Gilroy, E.M., Breen, S., Whisson, S.C., Squires, J., Hein, I., Kaczmarek, M., Turnbull, D., Boevink, P.C., Lokossou, A., Cano, L.M., Morales, J., Avrova, A.O., Pritchard, L., Randall, E., Lees, A., Govers, F., van West, P., Kamoun, S., Vleeshouwers, V.G.A.A., Cooke, D.E.L. and Birch, P.R.J. 2011.
  • Reference: New Phytologist, 191:763-776.