TSL Summer School in Plant Microbe Interactions

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This summer, The Sainsbury Laboratory will host its third Summer School in Plant Microbe Interactions. Running over two weeks from the 31st July to the 11th August 2017 we will cover key topics and techniques in the field.

The TSL Summer School will feature extensive practical training in cutting edge techniques and stimulating discussions on the latest thinking and discoveries in the field, all led by our Group Leaders and their groups and exciting invited guest speakers. The course will be ideal for students new to the field and those looking to get an understanding of the breadth and quality of work across the whole of the Plant Microbe Interaction community.

The last 20 years have provided a sophisticated understanding of how plants recognise relatively conserved microbial patterns to activate defence. In recent years DNA sequencing allowed genomes and transcriptomes of eukaryotic rusts and mildew pathogens to be studied, and high-throughput imaging permits the study and visualisation of intracellular interactions during pathogenesis and defence.

Summer School

We will present many aspects of plant microbe interactions including:

  • gene discovery
  • genome analysis
  • intra-cellular interactions with high-throughput imaging technology
  • mechanistic understanding of cellular and molecular processes to translational activities

The focus on the dynamic and interactive practical sessions will naturally promote strong interactions between lecturers and participants.

More information and details on how to apply can be found at summerschool.tsl.ac.uk