TSL is a private company limited by guarantee, and a registered charity.

Board members

Professor Appolinaire Djikeng (Chair of Board & Independent Trustee Director)

Professor Neil Gow FRS (Trustee Director & Chair SAB)

Professor Mark Searcey (Member Representative UEA)

Peter Hesketh (Member Representative Gatsby)

Dr Amanda Collis (Member Representative BBSRC)

Board observers

Dr Diana Horvath (2Blades)

Professor Graham Moore (JIC)

The Board exercises collective and individual responsibility for the management and administration of the Laboratory’s income and expenditure, assets and liabilities. The Board is responsible, through the Executive Director, for developing and reviewing the long-term science vision of TSL.

The Board is also responsible for ensuring that TSL carries out research that is relevant to developing durable plant disease control, the sustainable intensification of agriculture, and ensuring global food security.

The Board is an inclusive body, that is representative of the ethnic diversity, gender mix and international diversity of TSL staff and students.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The TSL SAB is constituted to provide assurance to the Members on the scientific quality of the research at TSL and to advise the Board of Trustee-Directors and Executive Director of TSL on the delivery of the TSL Science Programmes.

The SAB also reviews scientific progress at TSL and help to identify future research opportunities and assists the Board and the Executive Director in ensuring that the Science Programmes of TSL maximise potential for the development and deployment of durable plant disease control strategies.

The SAB also advises the Board and TSL Executive Director on engagement with the wider stakeholder community, including industry, charities, and outreach programmes in low income countries.

SAB members

Professor Neil Gow FRS (Chair)

Dr Doryen Bubeck

Professor Blake Meyers

Professor Steven Spoel