Research Services at TSL

Bioinformatics & IT

Big data happen. Molecular biology has moved into an era in which experiments generate huge amounts of data that is difficult, if not impossible to make sense of without making use of the analytical power of computers. The application of computational tools and analysis is known as bioinformatics and is an essential thread of modern biology. More »

Proteomics & Mass Spec

The identification of proteins has been revolutionised by the availability of genome sequences and advances in mass spectrometry. Whilst it is still not possible to catalogue the complete proteome of an organism, complex mixtures of proteins are tractable. Furthermore, post-translational modifications, which play a vital role in determining a protein’s function and location, may be determined by mass spectrometry. More »

Tissue culture and media services

The Sainsbury Laboratory plant tissue culture and media service provides the Sainsbury Laboratory with technical support in several ways; More »


Synthetic Biology

  • Nicola Patron - Head of Synthetic Biology

    Synthetic Biology is the ‘engineering’ part of ‘genetic engineering’. We aim to provide a conceptual and practical framework for the systematic engineering of genetic networks in plants More »