Mr Baptiste Castel

PhD Student
Jonathan Jones Group

I’m interested in plant-microbe interactions and especially how plant resistance proteins recognize pathogen produced effectors. To investigate this question, I’m working in the “Albugo” team of the Jonathan Jones’ group. Albugo candida is an oomycete pathogen of Brassicaceae (including indian mustard, camelina, cauliflower and Arabidopsis thaliana). By analysis between different accessions of A. thaliana, we identified several NB-LRR encoding genes involved in resistance against  A. candida. Some of them share homology but also interesting differences with the TIR-NB-LRR gene pair RPS4/RRS1. By using CRISPR genome editing methods, I’m now trying to elucidate the activation of plant defence induced after recognition of A. candida effector(s).


Castel B, Tomlinson L, Locci F, Yang Y, Jones JDG (2018)

Optimization of T-DNA architecture for Cas9-mediated mutagenesis in Arabidopsis. bioRxiv preprint Sep 17, 2018 doi:

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Tissot N, Przybyla-Toscano J, Reyt G, Castel B, Duc C, Boucherez J, Gaymard F, Briat JF, Dubos C (2014)

Iron around the clock. Plant Sci. 224: 112-9. doi: 10.1016/j.plantsci.2014.03.015.

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Job History

October 2014 – present PhD student, The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, UK

January 2014 – June 2014 Placement – The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, UK

March 2013 – June 2013 Placement – INRA Montpellier, France