Mia Cerfonteyn

Communications Officer

I am a biologist with a passion for connecting people with science. At TSL I promote our ground-breaking research in molecular plant-microbe interactions to the world. I oversee our digital and social media content and coordinate engagement with various stakeholders. I am also involved with the design and generation of our educational resources to support postgraduate and online training activities. I enjoy looking for creative ways to communicate science and increase the accessibility of knowledge to diverse audiences.


Cerfonteyn M, Ryan PG (2016)

Have burrowing petrels recovered on Marion Island two decades after cats were eradicated? Evidence from sub-Antarctic skua prey remains. Antarctic Science, 28(1), p.51.

Cerfonteyn ME, Roux Le PC, Vuuren Van BJ, Born C (2011)

Cryptic spatial aggregation of the cushion plant Azorella selago (Apiaceae) revealed by a multilocus molecular approach suggests frequent intraspecific facilitation under sub‐Antarctic conditions. American Journal of Botany, 98(5), pp.909-914.

Job History

2021 – present Communications Officer, The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, UK

2017 – 2020 PhD Candidate, Matís, Reykjavík, Iceland

2013 – 2016 Protected Species Observer, Freelance, Off-shore Africa

2012 – 2013 Laboratory Technologist, Strait Access Technologies, Cape Town, South Africa

2010 – 2011 Seabird Field Scientist, South African Department of Environmental Affairs, Marion Island, Subantarctic