Miss Janina Tamborski

PhD Student with Silke Robatzek
Matthew Moscou Group

I got interested in the plant field early in my studies. I was fascinated by plants and their stillness and how one needs to take a closer look to see that there is so much going on beneath the surface. I am particularly interested in the plant microbe interaction. It is amazing to observe and learn about the silent battles that are fought between pathogen and plants, both organisms trying to exploit each other’s weaknesses as best as possible.
In this context I am interested in finding out the importance of stomatal closure in trying to fight off invading pathogens. They are primary entry sites for many pathogens but at the same time crucial for plant survival as they mediate gas exchange and transpiration. I am interested how stomata talk to each other and how much signal they take into account from surrounding cells when deciding to close or to open.