Mr Craig MacKenzie

Predoctoral Intern
Jonathan Jones Group

I am interested in how the plant immune system functions at the molecular level in response to invading pathogenic microbes.  My undergraduate studies were in agriculture at SRUC in Aberdeen where I focussed mainly on crop protection and agronomy.  Through my postgraduate MSc studies in Wageningen I studied plant sciences and specialised in plant pathology and entomology, during which time I particularly focussed on molecular plant-microbe interactions.  Having been mainly working on pathogen effectors previously, I have now directed my focus more towards plant receptor function on the host plant side.  At TSL, I am working within a project unravelling the mechanism of signalling in nucleotide binding domain leucine rich repeat (NLR) immune receptors upon pathogen effector recognition, where we are using the Arabidopsis thaliana receptor pair RPS4 and RRS1 as a model.