Miss Agnieszka Siwoszek

Research Assistant
Silke Robatzek Group

Agnieszka obtained her MSc degree in Biology-biotechnology from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. She remained there to complete her PhD in Hans Thordal-Christensen’s lab, researching the interaction of barley powdery mildew with barley and engineering novel means of resistance to that pathogen. She joined  theRobatzek group in December 2015 to manage the lab and work on different aspects of transport-regulated immunity.

As a research assistant in Silke Robatzek’s group  Agnieszka is responsible for the lab management.
+44 (0) 1603 450404

Job History

2015- 2015 Visiting researcher, John Innes Centre, UK

2012- 2015 PhD student, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2011- 2013 Laboratory Assistant, Carlsberg Laboratory, Denmark

2010- 2012 MSc Biotechnology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark