Jonathan Jones

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A senior scientist at The Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich using molecular and genetic approaches to study disease resistance in plants.

Received his Ph.d from Cambridge University in 1980, under the direction of G Dover and R B Flavell, and conducted postdoctoral work at Harvard. Head of Sainsbury Laboratory 1994-7, 2003- present, and Professor at University of East Anglia 1997- . He has been editor of Plant Cell and Genome Biology.

International Society of Plant Molecular Biology board member 1995-8; Plant Journal advisory board; 1995-8 editor of Plant Cell July; 1998 -2004 Current Opinion in Plant Biology (COPB) editorial board; 1997- present invited editor for COPB Plant/Microbe Interaction Issue; 1998 editor of Genome Biology 2001-2004 reviewing manuscripts and grant proposals.  2007- present: EPSO board member.  2003 elected FRS.