Predoctoral Internships

Predoctoral internships are aimed at individuals who want to gain practical experience in advance of starting a PhD. An internship is where an individual works to strengthen their professional experience before embarking on a PhD. Interns will be trained in a wide variety of techniques and skills, including but not limited to molecular biology, plant pathology, plant biology, bioinformatics, biochemistry/proteomics, and cell biology. Candidates are expected to have a BSc or MSc degree and are looking at this as an experience to enrich their training and experience prior to entering a PhD program.

Predoctoral interns are not guaranteed to enter the PhD programme but the experience should strengthen their application for PhD studies at TSL or elsewhere. At the end of the internship, the Group Leader will conduct a formal performance review and a reference letter will be provided accordingly.



The duration of the internship can vary dependent on the Group Leader from at least 6 weeks to no longer than 12 months, but will typically last for 6-12 months.


To apply

If you are interested in a Predoctoral Internship in one of our Scientific or Support Groups, please contact the group leader directly.


Internships currently available

Please check our Opportunities page for details of current internships