Our group studies wheat genomics and plant innate immunity. We are interested in understanding the molecular basis of plant disease resistance in wheat, a grass that is both amenable to basic research and highly important to agriculture.

Main areas of research are:

1)      Development of functional genomic tools for wheat

2)      Understanding the fundamental molecular pathways of plant immunity in wheat

3)      Isolation of new sources of disease resistance from mutagenized populations

4)      Accelerating gene cloning and trait transfer via new genomic technologies


This group is formed by partnership of the Earlham Institute (Triticeae Genomics) and The Sainsbury Laboratory.

Latest Publications

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Bevan MW, Uauy C, Wulff BBH, Zhou J, Krasileva K, Clark MD (2017)

Genomic innovation for crop improvement. Nature 543, 346–354. doi:10.1038/nature22011

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Bailey PC, Dagdas G, Baggs E, Haerty W, Krasileva KV (2017)

Immune receptors with exogenous domain fusions form evolutionary hotspots in grass genomes. bioRxiv preprint January 20, 2017 doi:

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Krasileva KV, Vasquez-Gross HA, Howell T, Bailey P, Paraiso F, Clissold L, Simmonds J, Ramirez-Gonzalez RH, Wang X, Borrill P, Fosker C, Ayling S, Phillips AL, Uauy C, Dubcovsky J (2017)

Uncovering hidden variation in polyploid wheat. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2017 Jan 17. pii: 201619268. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1619268114.

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Sarris PF, Volkan Cevik V, Gulay Dagdas G, Jones JDG, Krasileva KV (2016)

Comparative analysis of plant immune receptor architectures uncovers host proteins likely targeted by pathogens. BMC Biology (2016) 14:8 DOI 10.1186/s12915-016-0228-7

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