We study how filamentous plant pathogens, such as the Irish potato famine pathogen Phytophthora infestans, infect plants, and the plant processes that are modulated by these pathogens.

We aim to exploit state of the art findings on pathogen genomics and effector biology to develop novel disease resistant crops.

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Fujisaki K, Abe Y, Kanzaki E, Ito K, Utsushi H, Saitoh H, Białas A, Banfield M, Kamoun S, Terauchi R (2017)

An unconventional NOI/RIN4 domain of a rice NLR protein binds host EXO70 protein to confer fungal immunity. bioRxiv preprint Dec 24, 2017 doi:

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Kamoun S, Lozano-Durán R, Nakhleh L (2017)

Stranger in a strange land: the experiences of immigrant researchers. Genome Biology 18:232

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Chen H, Shu H, Wang L, Zhang F, Li X, Ochola S, Mao F, Ma H, Ye W, Gu T, Jiang L, Wu Y, Wang Y, Kamoun S, Dong S (2017)

Phytophthora methylomes modulated by expanded 6mA methyltransferases are associated with adaptive genome regions. bioRxiv preprint Nov 11, 2017 doi:

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Tamiru M, Natsume S, Takagi H, White B, Yaegashi H, Shimizu M, Yoshida K, Uemura A, Oikawa K, Abe A, Urasaki N, Matsumura H, Babil P, Yamanaka S, Matsumoto R, Muranaka S, Girma G, Lopez-Montes A, Gedil M, Bhattacharjee R, Abberton M, Kumar PL, Rabbi I, Tsujimura M, Terachi T, Haerty W, Corpas M, Kamoun S, Kahl G, Takagi H, Asiedu R, Terauchi R (2017)

Genome sequencing of the staple food crop white Guinea yam enables the development of a molecular marker for sex determination. BMC Biol. 2017 Sep 19;15(1):86. doi: 10.1186/s12915-017-0419-x.

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