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We are interested in how plants resist disease, and in how resistance is overcome by pathogens.  To suppress host defence, pathogens secrete effector proteins into plant cells or into their apoplastic spaces.  How these effectors work, and the identity of their targets in the host, help us understand plant defence mechanisms.

We work on the following problems.

1) How do plant NB-LRR disease resistance proteins recognize pathogen effectors and then activate defence?

2) What are the effectors of the Arabidopsis downy mildew and white rust pathogens (Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis and Albugo sp), and how do they suppress host defences?

3) Can we find and clone new sources of resistance to potato late blight from wild Solanum species?

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Latest Publications

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Michalopoulou VA, Kotsaridis K, Mermigka G, Kotsifaki D, Kokkinidis M, Celie PHN, Jones JDG, Sarris PF (2020)

The host exocyst complex is targeted by a conserved bacterial type III effector protein that promotes virulence. bioRxiv preprint Nov 07, 2020 doi:

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Aguilera-Galvez C, Chu Z, Omy SH, Wouters D, Gilroy EM, Vossen JH, Visser RGF, Birch P, Jones JDG, Vleeshouwers VGAA (2020)

The Rpi-mcq1 resistance gene family recognizes Avr2 of Phytophthora infestans but is distinct from R2. bioRxiv preprint Oct 08, 2020 doi:

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Lin X, Song T, Fairhead S, Witek K, Jouet A, Jupe F, Witek AI, Karki HS, Vleeshouwers VGAA, Hein I, Jones JDG (2020)

Identification of Avramr1 from Phytophthora infestans using long read and cDNA pathogen-enrichment sequencing (PenSeq). Mol Plant Pathol. 2020 Sep 15. doi: 10.1111/mpp.12987.

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Saile SC, Jacob P, Castel B, Jubic LM, Salas-Gonzalez I, Bäcker M, Jones JDG, Dangl JL, El Kasmi F (2020)

Two unequally redundant “helper” immune receptor families mediate Arabidopsis thaliana intracellular “sensor” immune receptor functions. PLoS Biol. 2020 Sep 14;18(9):e3000783. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.3000783.

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